About Us


Our father, Ali Paydaş, the founder of our pistachio processing facility, was born in 1952 in the Halfeti district of Şanlıurfa.When he was only 10 years old, he started farming by planting the seeds of pistachio trees in our fields with his grandfather and father.
He sowed the seeds of our peanut fields 55 years ago.
Ali Paydaş, who completed his secondary and high school education in Gaziantep, completed his university education in Ankara and started his business life as a tax officer.
However, his passion for his land and agriculture, and his belief that he would achieve success in his business life with the education he received, motivated him to leave the civil service.
He established the third facility of the city 33 years ago in Nizip district of Gaziantep, which has become the center for pistachio production.
Ali Paydaş, who has continued to work with a conscious and quality service understanding has made our pistachio facility a brand of its kind.
As the third generation, we have  our efforts to carry our trees inherited from our ancestors to the international platform and thus we established Poba Gıda Corp.
We aim to create a company that has international values by combining the strength and experience we received from our ancestors, giving quality utmost importance.
Our aim is to pass an international facility and a well-known brand onto our son Ali Paydaş, who has the same name as our father.